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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Interview with Dr. Lawrence E. Carter on CNA

Dean Carter of Martin Lurther King Institute in America was here in Singapore last week! And he was interviewed on Channel News Asia to talk about peace. His words really blew me away when he talked Ikeda Sensei as role model for peace in the 21st Century. Check out the video here..

Friday, October 13, 2006

SSA Aug Family Day preparation Part 3

This is an overdue update to the Augest family day, with pictures taken at Senja Soka Centre. Too busy to update my blog lately, I shall leave this post with no comments on the pictures.. Back to work....

Friday, September 08, 2006

SSA Aug Family Day @ my home

And here's the pictures for the family day gathering at my home.

And here's the poster once again... Everyone mingling around at my "big" home.
And so here we start the meeting with daimoku, led by my Chapter chief.
My friends observing our buddhist practise.
Next, everyone sing a song 朋友 together This is our emcee for the event, the very "black" Jing.
Next is the video screening.

After that, it's my turn sharing my testimonial.
Later, we split into groups for small group dialogue. Here all the young guys gather to chat.
And our parents in another group engaging in hear-to-heart dialogue.
Looks like we are having a good chat here.
Finally, let us take a group photo!!!

Woohoo.... after 3 weeks of planning, anxiety, and chanting, the family gathering at my home has finally ended with a great success. I hope this meeting will inspire all my friends to not give up in their lives, to strive harder against the challenges they face in their lives and achieve absolute happiness and great victories!!

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

SSA Aug Family Day @ BLK 524

For the next 3 post, will update with pictures the Augest Family Day that just passed recently. Here's the 1 for my district, held at the usually district meeting place.

The primary division kids getting ready for the performance.

Here's our very own banner!

Let the show begin! All our little performaners dancing for everyone.

Next, is the video screening of a very special video prepared for this family day, introducing new friends to Soka. The our women division sharing a testimonial of her victories in life.

After which our YMD, Jason, share his experience as a performer in this year's NDP. Lastly our guest senior leader gave a very inspiring encouragement.
First time in my district history, our youth division members, not leaders, be the emcee for the whole event. Cool! They rocks man, despite being the first time as emcee.And to celebrate this happy occasion, we got a cake to cut.Finally.... is food time!!
what a great success this family day was! Kudos to everyone involved in making it a success! I myself really am happy for the success. though was very anxious and keep chanting in the heart for the success and smooth execution of the whole event throughout the time. Let's give myself a *pat**pat*

Friday, August 18, 2006

SSA Aug Family Day preparation Part 2

Here's part 2 to the family day preparation. Grabbed some photos of everyone hehe..

Everyone busy with preparing!!

Now this group here preparing props for the primary division dance. Looks like something to shake with?

Hmm, 1 of the ladies here looks kind of familiar.... think I saw her on TV before eh, wahaha..

This group here wrapping up the souveneirs in wrappers. Woo nice lotus flowers!

And this group are the people making the lotus flower. Looks like lots of work to make the flowers!

So here are the women division and young women division all busy with the souveneirs. So where are the guys huh?

Well the guys are here busy making the banners and posters. Here's Mr Kong! hi!! He's cutting out the words for the posters.

Following which the guys here will print out the border of the words on the cardboards....

And finally the guys here will paint the words.

We will have a sneak peek at the cultural item that the primary division kids are presenting on the family day. Looking forward to that!

And finally..... Brian and I! Thanks Brian for helping to take the photos.

"If the spirit of many in body but one in mind prevails among the people, they will achieve all their goals, where-as if one in body but different in mind, they can achieve nothing remarkable." WND-618

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

SSA Aug Family Day preparation Part 1

Here's a very funny and warm video clip taken from my handphone during last Saturday's preparation at Senja kaikan. Look how everyone is so joyous and united, happily preparing for the coming Family Day gathering. Looking forward to the gathering this Saturday!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ode to Joy, Ode to NYPSD

Yesterday I went down to NYP to join NYP Students Division for their Tuesday Polaris gathering. I was there to bring Shin down to join and meet up with SD members in NYP. My first time to NYP, and really bring back the memories of my uni days.

And we did have great fun yesterday. I enjoyed myself, and I'm sure Shin enjoyed himself too. We had a great dialogue together, spanning from chit chatting about school life, studies, to wow, serious discussions on many-in-body one-in-mind, unity, stand alone spirit, to even introducing to Shin about Buddhist fundermentals such as Ten worlds, Daimoku, Buddhahood, etc.

Well a bit too much of sharing for a day haha, but glad Shin was open and willing to listen and digest what we shared. I suppose alot of things he still might find it hard to understand so quickly, but there's still more opportunities for dialogues and discussions eh. I think more importantly is that we are able to forge a friendship among us. To me that's more important for now. And glad that I too am able to know a few more friends from NYP. Haha yesterday then I got to know there's this beautiful "Miss Princess" that's famous for been the "Princess" of NYP. Cool.

At the end of the dialogue, NYPSD gave Shin and me a very nice souveneir, which is a handmade wind mill. What a nice wind mill, which reminds one that how fast it turns depend on the wind, which equate to the strength of our faith and spirit of never giving up. As long as we persevere along in our lives through any obstacles or challenges, the wind mill of our life will turn in high spirit, full of joy and lifeleness. What an honor to receive this wonderful present from NYP! Thank you NYPSD!!

graceful windmill
spinning gently in the wind
spinning timelessly
like a dear friend
giving one companion and comfort

Glory windmill
like a bright sunflower
laughing happily in the wind
dancing with joy and happiness
in joyous rhythm

courageous windmill
fighting bravely against the thunderous storm
turning in powerful motion
like a fine warrior
never giving in to adversity

Peaceful windmill
like a messenger of peace
ever so calm and compose
filling the world with love
like a mother caring for her children

Friday, August 04, 2006


There's no time in the World for me to feel unhappiness.
No time to feel sadness,
No time to feel depressed,
No time for pessimism,
No time for self-pity.
There's simply no time for me, to delude myself in negativism.

There's only time in the World for happiness to fill me.
Time for joy,
Time for fun,
Time for challenges,
Time for love.
There's just enough time for me to life out my life.

Time is one thing in the World that is precious to everyone.
For our families,
For our dreams,
For our missions,
For our lives.
For time is equal, it's how we use it.

Time is so precious, let us cherish it.

For this moment will never come again.
Now is the moment, Now is the time.
Let us advance and advance,
Towards Victory for all Eternal.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hello World!

Well, today will be the day I show my blog to the WORLD!

Haha, for those who came in to this blog for the first time, greetings, welcome! I hope you will have a pleasant time here reading my blog. This blog of mine have being running since January, but so far have not really tell anyone openly about it. Well, I guess it's time to "announce" it haha. Please check out my first post here to find out what's the intention behind the birth of this blog.

So far have only being blogging for about once a month. Will try to post more often ba...
One thing is certain: That is that the power of belief, the power of thought,
will move reality in the direction of what we believe and conceive of it. If you
really believe you can do something, you can. That is a fact.

Friday, July 21, 2006

Heart to heart connection

The beauty of human life is when we respect and view each other as truly human being. Engaging in heart to heart dialogue brings great joy to one, this connection between human brings this unlimitless joy which indeed is invaluable and priceless.

2 days ago, which is Wednesday, I have this opportunity to do a bit of sharing at the MDAS parent support group. Haha actually I volunteered to get involved in this dialogue, because I strongly feel that how important it is for me to share my life experiences with the parents of young children with muscular dystrophy. I really hope that my little sharing can inspire and encourage these parents and that they can feel that their children too can one day become someone of great value that can lead lives of hope and joy that can inspire many others.

It is quite an nervous experience for me. I feel I can do better. Perhaps I need to do more thorough preparation before sharing, as there are so many thoughts in my mind that halfway through the sharing, I got a information traffic jam in my head haha. But I'm glad I did my part. It really brings joy to me that I was able to inspire other, even if just a little, through my sharing. What's even great is when the parents responded after my sharing. This is what I got in my emailbox today from a parent:

A LESSON FROM A 24 yr old

I was feeling rather down since last week and have been
thinking of late of the many challenges ahead. It was not because of
what I have to go through, but so much of my 12 yr old son Keith who has to
face so many challenges at a young age.

It was Wednesday and time to share
my thoughts and feelings at the Parents Support Group. I
was actually comptemplating if I should go but I'm just glad I did.

Sherena gave us a good surprise by inviting Wen Liquan to
share his life's experiences with us. Sitting there and listening to
him and choking back my tears, I really felt so ashamed on how a 24 yr old
could take up his challenges with so much joy and pride, and here I
am dwelling in my own sorrows. When Liquan begin his sharing by
congratulating all the parents, I felt I didn't deserve to be congratulated
at all but it was such a great blessing from him and how much he thought
about us parents having to go through with our own children, it brought me
back to earth.

Liquan, when I read your article about Life and
Death, it made me reflect on my own life and my mission. So now, when
I am down or fall into my own sorrows, I will always remember a young man
named Liquan and how with his own life's struggles can be an inspiration to
all. Your parents are really blessed and so are you.

Thank you for the valuable lesson.


I never thought I can touch others this way. Perhaps this is also Kosen-Rufu. Perhaps this is my mission in life. I must jiayou! Have been sick these days. In fact after I went home that day, I had a fever. Must bring fore great courage and lifeforce! Gambattae!!